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Water under your control

Water is prerequisite for life. However, water can also be a severe hazard: to people as well as infrastructure. In your professional capacity, you are responsible for efficiently and safely operating public and private assets and in order to do this you need to effectively manage precipitation related risk.

HydroMaster provides you with a sophisticated suite of tools to efficiently analyse observed and forecast precipitation data. You cannot influence the weather, but by being properly prepared you can minimise the impact it has on your operations.

HydroMaster offers a live web service that allows you to view, analyse and archive historical and upcoming precipitation events. HydroMaster provides you with radar-based observation and forecast data as well as refined deterministic and probabilistic forecasts for your defined hotspots, zones and catchments.

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Climate change will make precipitation events more severe and more frequent according to the United Nations.


Climate change will lead to an increase in the frequency of floods, particularly in small river basins.

Analyse and act on precipitation events

HydroMaster’s customisable alerting functions enable you to take preventive actions: You set the thresholds for your places of interest, while HydroMaster provides reliable rain gauge and radar data as well as tools to evaluate all aspects of past or future precipitation events. Thanks to HydroMaster you master the rain!

Product Highlights


Radar visualisation and analysis tools

Animate historical and forecast high-resolution precipitation radar and retrieve rain gauge-calibrated cumulative precipitation amounts for any defined period – be it the last day, week or month – with assessment and actioning of precipitation events via a simple mouse-click.


Tailored warnings and alerts

Combine past, near real-time and future precipitation data to generate automated warnings when threshold criteria are met. For timely and effective dissemination of warnings decide to whom, how and when messages will be issued.


Personalise your HydroMaster

Add your catchments, zones of interest, hotspots and rain-gauge data and obtain localised precipitation observations and forecasts up to 15 days within seconds. Evaluate how significant the impact will be for your area by comparing with return times and take appropriate measures accordingly.



View and analyse past precipitation events using the same tools as in real-time. Save your work in comprehensive post-event analytical reports with various pre-formatting options.

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